Baptism is an initiation into the Paschal Mystery and the Christian community of faith in God,
who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

Because of the pandemic Baptisms are being celebrated outside of the Weekend Masses.                            For emergencies or exceptional circumstances other arrangements are considered.

*NOTE: Dates for Baptisms are only booked after meeting with the priest. 

Requirements for Baptism:    

-Baptism Application Form
This can be started in person, over the phone, or a copy can be emailed to be completed and returned.  

-Completion of the Baptism Preparation Course for the parents 
This 3 session Course is currently being offered online by a facilitator at our Parish.
Please contact the Office to register.

-Birth Certificate containing both parents' names  

-Meeting with the priest 
Once the Baptism Prep Course has been completed, parents can then meet with the priest to discuss sponsors and to set a date. At that point the application will be completed.