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There is no formal RCIA program 2020-21, but Faith Formation programing is available.

RCIA In the journey of Christian Initiation, Catechists have an indispensable role. They enable the faith of inquirers to resonate more and more deeply in their lives as they approach the sacraments of life in Christ. This direct formational reference to both the experience of evangelization and that of the sacraments is what distinguishes the work of Catechumenal Catechists from other catechetical roles. Under the direction of the RCIA Catechumenal Director, RCIA Catechumenal Catechists seek for the catechumens not just an acquaintance with doctrine and precepts, but also the experience of an “apprenticeship” in the whole of Christian life. They take an active part in the rites and celebration of the Word that mark the RCIA process.