Retreats are suspended due to Covid-19.
Last Retreat held OCTOBER 18th - 20th 2019.  

Please watch the bulletin for upcoming programs and retreats that will be held through Zoom


Life in the Spirit Retreats

These retreats are composed of a series of 7 talks in line with the magisterium of the universal church, designed to lead people through the basic message of salvation and help them yield to the action of the Holy Spirit in their lives.  The participant’s goal is to establish or re-establish, a deepening relationship with Christ Jesus.

The weekend’s retreat format consists of balanced teachings, personal testimonies, Scripture and prayer. Small group discussion periods provide an important opportunity for participants to discuss their progress.

There is an opportunity for people to invite prayer support and ask God for the "baptism in the Holy Spirit" which is a "fanning into flame" of the gifts and graces received at baptism and confirmation.  Many Christians find a fuller expression and commitment in their spiritual lives. It is an introduction to a life lived in the power of the Holy Spirit."

This Ministry began: August 1997 Retreats hosted to date: 16 Total participants to date: 350+