During the Coronavirus Pandemic,
all Regular Ministries and Group gatherings are on hold.

We are currently in need of volunteers to join the cleaning team
so that we can continue to celebrate Masses.
The time involved is only about 15 min. 
Please contact the office if you are able to serve in this capacity. 


NEW:  PDF copies of the Liturgical Ministries Schedules can now be downloaded (See "Liturgical Ministries Schedules" box below) Ministry Description cards are available in the Foyer. 

All parishioners are encouraged to take time to pray and reflect upon how God is calling them to use their time, talents, and treasures to serve God and others.

If you feel called to volunteer in any current ministries, please contact the office. 

Note: All volunteers, especially those that minister to children and seniors, are asked to Register and complete the mandatory Archdiocesan "Called to Protect" workshop.  Some ministries require volunteers to submit a "RCMP Criminal Record Check", "Vulnerable Sector Check", and, if working with children, a "Children's Intervention Check" - all for the protection of those being served and for the protection of the volunteers as well.  

Please contact the office to pick up required paperwork. The application process does take a little time and effort, but your service will be a great investment with rich returns and blessings for you and all involved!  :) Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

We have divided Our Ministries into 3 Categories:

1. Liturgical - volunteer ministries specifically within the celebration of the Mass, including Hospital and Homebound Ministries that take Communion out to those who cannot attend Masses at the church

2. Programs and Groups - includes the groups and regular programs and activities that happen on an ongoing basis in our church community, from Youth Ministry to Adult Bible Study and Prayer Shawls to name a few. Check them out and find one (or more!) that are a good fit for you at this time.

3. Organizations - includes Catholic Womens' League (CWL) and the Knights of Columbus (K of C).  These groups are very active in our parish community and beyond!  Consider becoming a member. The level of involvement can range from very active, to very minimal.  By purchasing a membership you can lend your voice with others, and  together have an effective impact in our community, and even our country.