'An extraordinary and painful decision' Masses cancelled until further notice.

Archbishop Smith has communicated, by letter and videos, the reasons for the preventative measures he has implemented, due to the coronavirus. Taken from a faith perspective, these trying times can be viewed as opportunities to experience spiritual growth and unity.

      In his letter to the Catholic Faithful he announced the unprecedented cancellation of all weekend and weekday masses and group activities in our Parishes, until further notice:
     "For the duration of this period, I grant to all the Catholic faithful dispensation from their Sunday obligation. Since the Sunday celebration of the Eucharist is the very heart of our Catholic life, the inability to gather for this worship is a cause of great suffering. Let us accept this as our civic duty at this time, and offer this moment in sacrifice to God for the sake of all who are ill from the COVID-19 virus."
     "... Please join with me in prayer for a rapid end to the COVID-19 virus. May God grant healing to those who are ill, and eternal rest to those who have died. May the Lord’s blessing come upon our medical professionals and civic authorities, who continue to strive with enormous effort and great skill to keep all of us safe."

     The shorter 5min+ video is embedded below. 

     The longer 25min video, which includes responses to questions posed by the media, can be accessed through this link Archbishop's Media Address

Let us continue to pray, to grow in faith, to hope in His Word, and spread His love. 
God bless you and your family.