1. Responding to Proposed Legislative Changes
The Bishops of Alberta and the NWT have released a Letter to the Faithful RE: Bill C-6 and C-7 (download link below) , and over 50 Christian, Jewish, Muslim, as well as other faith leaders across Canada, including Archbishop Richard Gagnon (CCCB), have together released an open letter against Bill C7 entitled We Can and Must Do Much Better, as part of a national effort to urge Canadians to contact their member of Parliament and voice their opposition to these legislative changes.

Two video interviews with Archbishop Smith also available:
Bill C-6: Be Careful with Broad and Overreaching Language
Archbishop Smith Addresses Bill C-7 and the Potential Expansion of Assisted Suicide

2. Impact of COVID-19 and the Call to Christian Renewal:
Read the Bishops’ new Pastoral Statement.

Weekly panel discussion videos begin this Monday, Sept. 21.

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