April 23rd - 9am Mass moved to 6:30pm

April 25th - 6:30pm Mass moved to 9am (due to Music Festival Appreciation Event at 7pm)

NOTE:  April 6th - 10th Fr Nilo Away

April 5th

- 1st Fri 9am Mass and Adoration cancelled;

-Funeral Mass for Lorraine Nyuli at 10:30am

April 6th

-9 am 1st Sat Mass with Fr Lacar

-4pm Bible Study cancelled; Fr Nilo away;

-Fr Lacar will celebrate 5:30pm Mass and tentatively the Sacrament of Holy Anointing after Mass

April 7th

-Fr Lacar will celebrate the Sun 9:30am Mass

April 9th & 10th 

-Tues & Wed 9am Masses are cancelled

April 12th

 -9am Mass moved to 10am