In his message for Easter 2018, Archbishop Smith reflects on the boundless joy that is ours at Easter time, thanks to the Resurrection.   "When people gather for the Easter vigil, that ceremony begins with the solemn proclamation of the resurrection. We call it The Exsultet. It’s a summons to joy, and there’s a line referring to the church, saying ‘Let this holy building shake with joy, filled with the mighty voices of the peoples.’ The point that’s being made there is that the joy that is ours at Easter, the joy that rises in our hearts when we hear once more the proclamation of the astounding truth that Jesus has risen from the dead, that joy is such that it fills us and actually reverberates outward.   "This is the kind of joy that for many, many people today in the world, is a message that can be hard to understand, because our lives can be so easily filled with the opposite. We look around us and we see great suffering and great hardship, and it gives birth to sadness and sometimes to despair. Wherein then do we find the joy?   "Well, the joy that is ours at Easter comes from this wonderful truth that sin, evil and even death itself never have the last word. They never have the last word. The last word belongs to God, and His word is life  ̶ a life that was manifested in the most astounding way in raising Jesus from the dead. "