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Current Mass Schedule as of Aug 1, 2020:  
Tuesday - Friday 9:00am
Saturday 5:30pm  &  Sunday 9:30am (live-streamed on our Facebook page)

Please follow directions given for entering and exiting the church and receiving Holy Communion. Your cooperation will help us to maintain the required protocols.

Please note:
• doors open 30min before Mass and lock 5 min before the start of Mass
• the current Ministry Schedule is now obsolete

In keeping with the guidelines set out by the Bishops of Alberta, parishioners must:
• call the Office to pre-register
• bring a face mask to receive Holy Communion
• complete the Revised Self Assessment 

Saturdays 5-5:20pm and Sundays 9-9:20am
by appointment - please contact the office at 780-352-2365
1st Fridays of the month from 10am - 11am

Rosary before Mass - discontinued due to COVID-19
Private Prayer - Tuesday-Friday, 10:00am-1pm (Summer hours). 


The following will resume after the pandemic:

*Weekday Mass times subject to change.  
Please contact the parish office for Weekday Mass times.   780 352-2365

-Saturdays, 4pm until 5:15pm before the 5:30pm Mass
-Sundays, 9am until 9:20am before the 9:00am Mass
-1st Fridays, after the 9am Mass from 10am - 11am
-Also by appointment by calling the office at 780-352-2365

-Saturdays, 4pm before the 5:30pm Mass  and  
-Every 1st Friday, after the 9am Mass until 4pm (unless otherwise noted); Benediction at 3:45pm

-Before Every Mass