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Livestream of 9:30am Mass

Join Fr Roger and our Parish Community for Livestreamed broadcast of weekly 9:30am Sunday Masses.  

Since we are unable to receive the Blessed Sacrament, we are invited to pray the "Spiritual Communion" prayer that can be found in the bulletin. 

The Homily for Live-streamed Masses can be found under "NEWS - Notices".

Does watching a recorded Mass ‘count,’ or does it have to be a livestream?

This question has arisen among some parishes. The first thing to remember is that during this pandemic, we are all excused from the Sunday Obligation to attend Mass.
Watching a livestreamed or recorded Mass does not ‘count’ as fulfilling the Sunday Obligation [emphasis added], but it is a great way to stay connected to the Church, join virtually in prayer, and make a Spiritual Communion. There is no difference between a livestream or recorded Mass, from a spiritual perspective.
... Here in the Archdiocese, some parishes do not have the ability to livestream a celebration, and so they record it early in the day and then post it online. Either method is just as valuable to the faithful.

(Taken from the Quid Novum April 2, 2020)