Sacred Heart Pastoral Council is committed to building community in partnership with the Church.  We are dedicated to fostering people’s relationships with God by showing people how to work together, caring for one another and building love and trust among families.

A Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body which works with the Pastor regarding all matters pertaining to the pastoral life of the parish as an advisory board. The Pastoral Council involves priests and people in common study and resolution of the pastoral needs of the parish in order to facilitate pastoral planning for the parish, in accord with the universal and particular law of the Church. Sacred Heart PPC consists of the Pastor, six elected,  and six appointed council members serving for two terms; one term consisting of 2 years.    

Pastoral Council 2016 - 18 Goals

1) Foster understanding of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and work towards a Perpetual Adoration Chapel.

2) Foster a community of invitation and hospitality.

3) Build and support community and programs for youth and families.

Pastoral Council Vision Statement

2016-18 Council- An Inviting Faith Community Building Up the Body of Christ

June 2014-16 Council- Unstoppable, Dynamic Oasis of Faith: Bringing My Sacred Heart to Life December

Parish Council Minutes are available to any parishioner by the request of the parish office.